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Roller Shades

Dining area in kitchen with Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades.
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

Fabric Roller Shades

Stylish, simple design for easy light control and enhanced privacy.

  • Modern Design: Clean and sleek.
  • Easy Operation: Simple roll-up mechanism.
  • Versatile Fabrics: Options for different light needs.
Designer Solar Shades by Hunter Douglas in a bedroom, providing stylish sun protection and privacy.
Hunter Douglas Designer Solar Shades

Solar Roller Shades

Solar shades efficiently filter sunlight, reduce glare, and provide UV protection for a well-lit, eco-friendly atmosphere in homes and offices.

  • Customizable Light Control
  • Preservation of Furnishings
  • User-Friendly Operation
A desk with a chair and a lamp in front of a window, with Hunter Douglas Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades.
Hunter Douglas Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

Sophisticated design with natural fabrics, offering over 70 customizable choices for a uniquely tailored window solution.

  • Naturally sourced fabrics.
  • Over 70 choices.
  • A step beyond traditional roller shades.
Leather sofas and large window in living room with Hunter Douglas Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades.
Hunter Douglas Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas’s ALUSTRA® Roller Shades offer a modern twist to traditional Roller Shades, seamlessly blending precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge functionality.

  • Modern Sophistication: Contemporary elegance.
  • Effortless Operation: Smooth user experience.
  • Customizable Light Control: Tailored ambiance.
Table and chairs in dining room with Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades, set against large windows.
Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades

Cellular Roller Shades

Cellular roller shades seamlessly blend the functionality of traditional roller shades with energy-efficient honeycomb design for stylish light control and insulation in any space.

  • Combined design of roller shades and energy-efficient honeycomb blinds
  • Effective light control
  • Insulation for enhanced energy efficiency
Dining room with table and chairs in front of large window, featuring Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades.
Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades

Banded Shades

Banded or Dual shades seamlessly blend sheer and opaque fabrics for versatile light control and a contemporary window treatment aesthetic.

  • Adjustable light with sheer and opaque bands
  • Modern design for windows
  • Versatile privacy and lighting options


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