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Stone wall living room featuring reupholstered sofa and swivel chairs.
Reupholstered Sofa and Swivel Chairs


Reupholstery refreshes worn-out furniture by replacing fabric and updating the design, offering a personalized and sustainable alternative to buying new ones.

  • Extends furniture lifespan
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Customizable to match personal style
Luxurious custom upholstered headboard bed with two pillows and a chandelier.
Custom Upholstered Headboard

Custom Upholstery

Custom upholstery for blinds offers personalized window treatments tailored to individual preferences, seamlessly integrating into room decor with enhanced functionality for improved light control and energy efficiency.

  • Personalized: Tailors window treatments with various fabric, color, and pattern options.
  • Seamless Integration: Blends with room decor for an enhanced aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Includes features like blackout or thermal lining for improved performance.
Us doing a Blind Repair
Blind Repair


Window treatment repairs maintain functionality and appearance, preventing further damage and extending lifespan. Whether DIY or professional, prompt attention ensures window treatment continues to enhance home ambiance effectively.

  • Maintenance: Prevents minor issues from worsening, preserving functionality.
  • Versatility: Repairs address various problems like broken slats or tangled cords.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Timely repairs save money compared to a replacement.
We pay special attention to cleaning the Upholstery Furniture.
Upholstery Furniture Cleaning


Blind cleaning removes dust, dirt, and allergens for a clean, healthy home. Methods vary by blind type, ensuring a fresh appearance and comfortable living environment with regular maintenance.

  • Regular Maintenance: Prevents dust buildup and preserves appearance.
  • Tailored Methods: Different blinds require specific cleaning approaches.
  • Healthier Home: Removing dust and allergens improves indoor air quality.
Commercial shade job in classroom, providing a sleek and functional design for students.
Commercial Job

Commercial Work

Blind commercial work tailors window treatments for businesses, focusing on functionality and aesthetics to create inviting environments.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customized window treatments meet commercial needs effectively.
  • Functionality and Aesthetics: Blinds balance practical requirements with aesthetic appeal.
  • Professional Installation: Experts ensure safe and compliant blind installation for inviting environments.


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