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Drapery (Old)

Living room with couch and sheer curtains with inverted pleat.
Inverted Pleat

Pleated Drapes

Pleated drapes, featuring neatly folded fabric, add timeless elegance and a structured aesthetic to windows, offering versatile design options.

  • Elegant Folds
  • Clean and Polished
  • Personalized Style
Grommet drapery featuring sleek metal rings for easy sliding on curtain rods, adding a modern touch to any room decor.
Grommet Style

Non Pleated Drapes

Non-pleated drapery combines sleek design with customizable features like grommet shades, offering a sophisticated and contemporary window treatment.

  • Sleek & Contemporary: Non-pleated drapery exudes modern elegance.
  • Customizable Grommets: Tailor your style with grommet shades.
  • Effortless Polished Look: Achieve a refined aesthetic with non-pleated drapery.
A stylish living room featuring a comfortable couch and beautiful ripple fold style sheer curtains.
Ripple Fold Style

Ripplefold Drapes

Ripple fold drapery features evenly spaced continuous folds, providing a seamless and modern look for windows, adding sophistication and versatility to any space.

  • Contemporary Aesthetic: Evenly spaced folds for a sleek, modern design.
  • Elegant Simplicity: Clean lines and tailored appearance for a touch of sophistication.
  • Versatile Elegance: Complements diverse decor styles with a polished look.


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